Saturday, September 28, 2013

I'm back in the game

So I'm back and I come baring gifts.

After the finale of Smallville it took me a while to get back into the fandom saddle. I've finally found another show that I am feeling as passionate about as I've done with Smallville. The CW's "The Originals" (TO) has me all hot and bothered and my imagination has taken me on a field trip already.

Although the majority of the fandom, mostly derived from the "The Vampire Diaries" (TVD) fans, is still on the fence about the show, I am completely on board of the fandom train heading straight into NOLA.
I jumped at the chance of leaving Mystic Falls behind without having to abandon any of my favourite characters. Toot, Toot, welcome to adulthood!

The new ship.

It took me exactly 2 seconds to fall head over heels in love with, what a shocker, a crack-ship on TO. The pairing of Hayley Marshall and Elijah Mikaelson (Haylijah) could not be any farther from becoming a reality. She is a werewolf searching for her family and has been impregnated by his brother, Klaus. He is an original vampire who has recently abandoned his one true love for the chance of having some kind of a messed up family experience and stumbled into the hostile takeover of New Orleans also initiated by his brother. But seeing as I've been a die hard Chlollier back in the days, I'm looking forward to an encore of my ship becoming canon.

So how about those gifts I've promised.

Well I've made a few foto manips of my favourite new ship and I'm in the process of making even more. You can find them on my Tumblr page or in the "The Originals" section of this blog. There will be daily posts on Tumblr and I'll update the blog more often now.

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

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